Sooooo. I have allergy testing Monday.

I’ve not been able to take anything for my allergies or for sleep since Sunday.

Who’s a grumpy girl then???

Yup. Me.

So I’m not sleeping. I’m itchy. I’m not able to eat because I don’t feel like it.

It’s 98 in the shade here.

To top it off yesterday I packed up our 4 cats to go get rabies shots. My little Fluffy got so upset she peed herself.
So I clean her up whilst waiting for the vet to come back from lunch.

We go in. The lady looks at us like we are nuts. ” Do you have an appointment?”

Um yea.

She looks it up. They had scheduled out appointment at a different office that is 60 miles from me. They are 7. WTF???

Then you tell me in this tiny town of 12 streets and no stop signs that I have to reschedule?!?!?!

Yes. Yes I will. With a different vet!!!

The nerve!!!

Anyway. I will cAll the vet that is the other way 12 miles and set an appointment.

Maybe next week. When I’m not so much of a raging bitch. Lol

For now I nap.
There is a block party tonight. I may hide in my room.

Happy 4th.


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