Yea 4 am….


So I’m up at this hour for a few reasons.
1 is I’m holding a friend’s hand very long distance.
2 is I can’t effing sleep.
3 is my kitchen was a disaster and it needed me 
4 is I have 6 cats.
I cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. Which btw I figured something out.
Don’t buy those expensive dish age to for your dishwasher. Add white vinegar to it and not only will your dishes be spotless the dishwasher is clean too.

Whilst I was loading the dishwasher I was watching my cats. It’s 4am and they’re as fresh ad daisies fighting on the carpet.

I strive to have a cats life. I’m close. I have learned to sleep through anything. I don’t really have an agenda for life except food and sleep.
Yet I still have not accomplished the one thing that could make me a cat.
That oh I don’t care what time it is I’m going to make as much noise and fly around the house and attack everyone on the way through and then go eat something kind of carefree attitude that is the essence of being a cat.
And I can’t Lick my toes. But that’s ok.
Still I get to watch and admire their who gives a shit about anything attitude and strive towards it.
Happy Monday.


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