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It is a wonderful life


I have recently taken on a new responsibility. The neighbors dog needed a new home. I had been walking him, mainly because I couldn’t stand to see him on a chain all the time.

So we moved him into our yard, Found all of the escape routes and he is now happily able for the first time in his 4 years of life, to wander free.

He used to bark at everything. He was also not very friendly. I was the first person in 2 years that could get near him.

When I took him for walks he could easy dislocate my shoulder. He is a lab/pit bull.

He has a heart of gold. He needed love and attention. A yard to wander and people who would spend time with him.

Now he has us.

The neighborhood is shocked at the change in him. He has been here 2 days and he is a different animal.

I wasn’t sure about a dog. But he won my heart and he is now ours. My husband loves him too. We took him for a long walk tonight after dinner. He never yanked his chain once.

I am often amazed at how an abused,neglected animal can become such a loving and wonderful creature.

I would adopt every pet I could if I had the property. Maybe some day I will start an animal rescue. We worked at one once and I adored every day.

Our new baby is named Bubba Dog. He is 4. He has never been off his chain or out of a kennel. Now he has a yard. A huge garage that will be his dog house for winter, heater and all.

ImageSince we moved to small town USA, life has changed so much.

We are buying the house we are renting. October 1st we sign.

We have plans. We have goals.

I got a free piano and am learning to play again at 43.

I have friends and neighbors I really like.

I enjoy having my Daddy just walk into my house each day to say hi.

I like it here. I have never really liked it anywhere.


Oh and I finished my allergy testing. I am allergic to Bananas! WTF???

Anyway, haven’t had one in 2 weeks and feel much better.


So life is good in the plains. And they’re only gonna get better.